Questions and answers.



Q: How is the quality of your documents?

A: Quality of all our products is high, read the listing of product you are interested in for exact details.

Q: Do these documents look like real thing and include security marks and UV?

A: yes they do, check listings for more info.

Q: What happens if i get caught using these documents.

A: it depends on the country, but in most places documents are confiscated, and you get a fine, or they are just confiscated.



Q: Where do you ship from?

A: Europe

Q: How long does it usually take, from ordering to receiving documents?

A: Making and posting document for shipping takes around 2-3 days, shipping takes 1 – 2 weeks inside Europe and 2 – 4 weeks outside Europe. So total time is around 5-10 days for EU. 10-14 days for outside EU country’s, however that is only estimated time, sometimes post office works faster or slower.

Q: Do delays happen?

A: Sometimes delays happen due communication, for example buyer sends bad quality picture, or some details are missing, so we need to clarify that. And in some cases post office works slowly, but there is nothing we can do about that.

Q: Which service is used for shipping?

A: regular priority mail is used.

Q: Can you send DHL, UPS, or other express shipment.


Q: Do you send tracked or untracked?

A: We usually send tracked, we can send untracked, so there is no need to sign for it, but if the package gets lost NO REFUND on that order.

Q: do you provide tracking number.

A: No unless there is a delay or a problem with the order. It is better for security not to provide tracking number right away. Can make exceptions in some cases for this.

Q: Is stealth used.

A: sometimes it is, sometimes its not, since its not drugs we are sending, packages arrive without problems even without stealth. People send their actual documents all the time.

Q: How do i send you my address?

A: its best to encrypt it with pgp. Send it in this format:

Name, last name.



Postal code


Q: Do i need to sign when receiving delivery? Do i use my real name in shipping address?

If we send registered, you will need to write real name, and when you pick letter up, you will show your id and sign for it.

I think its safe to use your real name, since chance is extremely low, that someone in post would find out that these documents are fake, or even know the contents of letter.

We can also send unregistered untracked, then there will be no need to sign, and fake name can be used, but use convincing fake name.



Q: What type of payment do you accept?

A: BITCOIN ONLY, after requesting a payment address on our contact form a unique payment wallet will be send to your email so you transfer the amount.

Q: How do i order?

A: Upload pictures to our Order form write all details including the shipping address or if you want to send your sensitive data PGP encrypted you may leave the info shipping photo upload selections blank and send to our email manually.

Q: Which data do i need to send?

A: It is usually: Name, last name, date of birth, country of birth, eye color, your height in cm and home address for IDs and for Driving Licences Name, last name, date of birth, country of birth, Driving Class however will contact you again if something is missing so do not worry.

Q: What kind of pictures do i send, what is acceptable?

A: Send a passport-like picture and scanned or photographed signature. Signature must be on white paper, if you photograph it, make sure the quality is high and is photographed under a good light. For passport like picture make sure the quality is good, if you scan it choose high quality settings. I strongly suggest not taking picture yourself, but going to the photo booth, mall or some photo studio, and take proper passport/document-like photo.

We can make document with a bad quality photos too, however that makes document look less realistic.

Q: How to avoid delays?

A: Make sure you send all information and pictures that are needed, and there are no mistakes. Make sure that pictures are high enough quality. I will want to make sure that all details are in order and correct before making the document, so there are no mistakes. If you send everything right away, there will be no delays.

Q: Can you offer a discount?

A: If you are ordering multiple products at the time, we can offer discount.

Q: can you send video or picture, once document is finished?

A: yes



I’m sorry but we don’t give any advise or any help in any circumstances to help you or people related to you on how to cross the border Illegally! You have to make your own researches to find out the questions to your answers. Our job is only to provide ID and DL with your costume data nothing more than that. What you do with our products it is your fully responsibility!!!