• Put some effort into taking a good, clear picture of yourself.
  • For best results follow please follow my guide on how to take a photo for your fake ID.
  • We will be able to perform some edits to make it look better where and if needed, but it will not be possible to make a good photoshop edit out of a junk original.
  • It is next to impossible to edit out certain photo defects, like shades and blurs.
  • Have a look at your photo on your real ID. You should use it as a guidance and a template for your fake ID photo.
  • That is a gold standard you will need to approximate as much as you can.
  • The photo should be taken from directly in front of you, with a flash and in high resolution. Aim for the same composition and quality as on real ID picture.
  • Webcams, selfies, or other low-quality photos are not acceptable to use as your fake ID picture.
  • Pose looking straight into the camera, do not make faces, also no side shots. Slight half-smile is ok.
  • Do not use a picture or a scan of a picture! Do not go get a passport picture taken and then send a picture or scan of that!
  • Use clear, light background. Blue poster boards that are sold in many shops for few dollars are one simple and easy way to create one.
  • Such a background will look way better than the photoshopped while requiring only minimum effort from your side.
  • No-textured, wrinkled, bright, or funny backgrounds should be used.
  • Have a clean and neat look, tidy hear, no glasses, no hats, no heavy make-up.
  • Wear clothes contrasting with your background, i.e. wear dark clothes against a light background.
  • Choose plain clothes without prints.
  • This is your fake ID but it will be used in place of a real one, so you should treat it as such.
  • Put consideration and care into taking a good fake ID picture.
  • We expect to receive a professional, high-quality photo from you.


    • Using a black magic marker or sharpie, place a sheet of computer paper on the table.
    • Sign your name onto paper. Make the signature large. Then zoom into your signature and take a photo of it.
    • See the example.

  • Download the photo to your computer. Or you can scan the signature and save the file.